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Women’s (R.O.S.E) Ministry | River of Life Christian Fellowship

Women’s (R.O.S.E) Ministry

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 R.O.S.E. ~ Renew, Overcome, Serve, & Encourage.  “Charm is deceptive and beauty is  fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” We want to surface the individual beauty that God sees in each woman. We want women to be confident in whom God made them to be. When we understand this, we can be renewed, overcomers, servants and encouragers through Christ. Prayer and Encouragement is a priority in this ministry! We want to know Women’s needs and be able to pray and encourage them whenever they need it! Come and Join Us!“



The book of Hosea—it’s a deeply personal and passionate love story, yet it’s a difficult story. As an account full of harsh judgment unfolds, we find in its midst a rare and pure gem: the truest and purest of loves.

Hosea, an old-testament prophet, preached his own life message using his marriage as the sermon illustration. The study of Hosea looks deeply at that message. It provides background to better understand the intricacies of the man and his message. You’ll be guided to understand, but more especially to apply the message of the prophet of love.
The book will challenge us with judgment so harsh it will singe our hair—an unheeded sermon warning of devastating doom shortly to come. But it will show us the kind of love we dream about. Be amazed by the love of Hosea for his wayward spouse—and more amazed by the unfailing love of God for His wayward people, and for all people. Hosea showers us with hope—hints and portents pointing to the coming of the promised Messiah.

Upcoming Bible Study

To start August 31, 2015 – Monday at 7 pm.

The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, will help you replace the “disease to please” with a better understanding of the command to love, escape the shame and guilt of disappointing others by learining the secret of the “small no” and overcoming the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.

 Ready for some R & R?

We want you to be apart of our Women’s Retreat scheduled for September 25 – 27.  We are going to Port Aransas, Texas to enjoy the beach and the sound of the waves.  The house we are staying in has its own private swimming pool and we have access to the beach! All meals except for one are included in the price of $60/woman.  We plan to attend a local church Sunday morning.  We need a $25 deposit to reserve a spot for YOU no later than August 3, 2015.


ROSE Port A Getaway Retreat